What We Do

teamThe Maputaland Environmental Change Group focuses on the functioning and long-term evolution of ecosystems on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We investigate processes driving ecosystem change across a range of temporal scales; from long-term geomorphological evolution influenced by climate and sea-level fluctuations, to short-term environmental responses caused by human-induced stresses.

Sedimentary records from coastal lakes and wetlands contain perhaps the best long-term archive of environmental change on the east coast of South Africa. We use a combination of geophysical, geochemical, and palaeoenvironmental techniques to build records that provide a long-term perspective of natural variability against which contemporary human activity and impacts can be measured.

We work within some of the most pristine and biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. Our research is shedding new light on the formation, functioning and evolution of these incredibly complex systems.

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