Recent activities

June 2014
Sediment coring at Lake St Lucia
The team visited Lake St Lucia in June to complete the sediment coring that began in January 2014. We have now managed to collect 16 metre records from False Bay, North Lake and Catalina Bay. These represent the longest continuous records ever obtained from Lake St Lucia! Various geochemical and proxy analyses are currently underway. Stay tuned!

DSC07790 IMG_9344

May 2014
Seismic survey of Lake St Lucia
We collected almost 200 km of high resolution seismic data from the main basins of Lake St Lucia. Despite having to deal with some tough weather conditions, the preliminary results look very exciting and have revealed an underlying network of channels that is far more complex than originally expected. The detail and complexity of the data is going to take some time to unravel, but will be vital for understanding the long-term geomorphic development of Lake St Lucia. Good luck to Andy Green!

DSC_0215 DSC_0502

January 2014
Sediment coring trip to Lake St Lucia
Our first sediment coring trip to Lake St Lucia proved very successful. We managed to test out our new piston coring rig and collected preliminary cores from False Bay, Hell’s Gate, North Lake and Catalina Bay.

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Planned activities

October 2014
Groundwater fluxes and geochemical measurements
Claudia Benitez-Nelson and Billy Moore from the University of South Carolina will be visiting in October to continue with their work on groundwater flow and nutrient fluxes. In addition to revisiting sample sites at Lake St Lucia, we plan to extend our activities up the coast to include Sodwana Bay, Lake Sibaya and Kosi Bay.